The Kollel are so incredible they really do so much for the community and it’s just amazing how much they really do for the entire Leeds Jewish community.


As a young adult the Kollel provide lots of opportunities for me. For example, trips to Gateshead to visit the Yeshivos, learning Gemara, Friday night dinners and Shabbat activities to enjoy.


One of the greatest things to ever happen to this community was the establishment of the Leeds Kollel. Every single family has shown such warmth and friendship. I can truly say I would not be where I am today without the help, support and incredible wisdom from the Leeds Kollel.


The Leeds Kollel have become an essential and fundamental part of the Leeds Jewish Community in such a short space of time. They play a crucial role in ensuring the community has a future, going above and beyond in trying to reach out and inspire every Jew.


Since Covid-19 we have been made to realise what a gap in hearts there has been without the “Physical” presence of the Kollel Community. Thank you for making us part of your families and including us on Shabbos and for simchas.


It’s remarkable how quickly The Leeds Kollel have made such a great impact on us, giving so much spiritual growth and physical support to our community.


The kesharim (connections) made with the Kollel members have been impactful and enduring. Outgoing and caring, they inspire each individual to want to strive for more.


I honestly believe I couldn’t have done what I did without the support of the Kollel. I won’t mention names individually as I don’t think its fair to single people out but the Kollel Rabbis know how important they were in my Jewish journey and I hope they realise how much they mean to me and how much I appreciate what they have done for me.


I’ve learnt with them as a group and individually and I always feel refreshed and invigorated when I leave. Their common goal is education and delivering it in a way that is accessible regardless of ones prior knowledge. The Ramban writes that it is the way of all nations to have wise men whose job is it to teach the people about their religion and, for me, the Kollel do that with distinction.


T,SGood Evening Rabbi Kramer,

Trust you are well and had a good shabbos. I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job the Kollel are doing for the community, myself and my family.

I have for over a year participated in a Sunday Evening shiur and in more recent months I’ve learnt nearly every day/several times a week.

Both Rabbi Stroh and Rabbi Dansky have been an integral part in my re-connection t0 Hashem and Torah learning, thus improving my well being and family relations too.

I am delighted that we have the Kollel in Leeds and hope we continue to do so for the long term future.


Just wanted to say I thought Shabbat was amazing and thank you all for making the event at Etz Chaim and BHH truly memorable. Also Rabbi Morgan was incredible.