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Learning opportunities in the community.

A passion for learning and Judaism spills into everything the Kollel does.

There truly is something for everyone. Learnings sessions include but are not limited to Shiurim on Jewish Outlook; Gemara lessons; Daf Yomi- daily Gemorroh class; Bar Mitzvah lessons; Bat Mitzvah lessons; Weekly Parsha lessons; Discussions on Jewish ethics; Women’s discussion groups; Family Purity classes; Bridal classes; One to one sessions and more. The Leeds Kollel are learning and growing in number and in essence, and we invite you to join us!

Bat Chayil

The Bat Chayil year long course for girls in Year 7 has existed in Leeds for many years. Many a nostalgic mother has shared beautiful Bat Chayil course books from yesteryear with her daughter as she embarks on becoming a Jewish lady. For the past fiveyears the Kollel has been involved in the end of year ceremony for the girls and for the 3rd year running two of the Kollel ladies have created a tailor-made curriculum and taught the course.

The course is based on the girls’ Hebrew names and includes topics such as Shabbat, Kashrut, Yomim Tovim, The Holocaust, Faith and Belief and so much more. The relationships built with the girls is long-lasting. The Kollel now regularly organise Bat Chayil reunions for the 4fourprevious year groups as well as teaching the current group.

Careers and Ideas

Many young people have suffered greatly through the coronavirus pandemic. Whilst they are not considered ‘vulnerable’ in terms of their health, the effect it has had on them socially is tremendous. In addition, at a time when many are focussed on exploring career paths and making life decisions many feel that their education has been compromised. With this in mind, the Kollel has undertaken many projects to boost the morale of teenagers- they have led dance classes on Zoom, baked, made cards, attended games nights, learning sessions, ‘Cholent Kiddush’ when restrictions allowed, and more.

To help them with ideas for careers the Kollel has also created a ‘Careers and Ideas’ programme where professionals advise the youth. They include what made them successful, how they balance work and home life, what they love and hate about their careers and much other precious insight. The ideas part of the evening then bounces off that with Jewish ideas reflecting the appropriate career. We have held two such evenings and are planning more.

Mikva Month

At the Leeds Kollel we are often asked, ‘Are women really treated fairly in Judaism?’ There are so many answers to this question which we have enjoyed debating. Many have seen and been inspired by the way in which each and every Kollel lady carries herself and is treated by her family. Living examples of proud Jewish women, proud of their role in Judaism has been the loudest silent answer to the question. But the Kollel has taken this further through publicly sharing and educating the role the Jewish woman has in the private area of Family Purity. Starting with a women’s concert and providing a month of programmes in October 2018, the effects of the events are still being felt in Leeds. For more information please contact any of the Kollel ladies and see

Baking for carers

Baking for carers

Covid-19 has taken its toll especially on those who care for our vulnerable and also on our youth. The two groups were brought together when the youth prepared baked goods packages for the carers. The teenage volunteers and the carers alike gained tremendously.

Kollel Shabbaton

Kollel Shabbaton 2020

The Kollel and the community families who we are privileged to call our friends, spent an uplifting Shabbos together in Manchester. The food, the activities, the talks from guest speaker Rabbi Shafier, left the Kollel members and community members extremely inspired. One teenager made this the first Shabbos she kept in its entirety!

Purim Carnival

Purim Carnival 2020

The second Kollel Purim Carnival at the Zone and Brodetsky Primary School provided fun for all the family. From balloon shaping to Mishloach Manot making, bouncy castles to caricature drawings, the Purim atmosphere was electric!

Poland trip

Poland trip: 2017 & 2019

Hearing the stories will never compare to seeing the sites. Working with JRoots, the Kollel have organised two trips to Poland together with teenagers. The trip has proven to be a source of inspiration and pride in our heritage. One teenager decided that Shabbat was for her after this trip.

Simchas Beis Hashoeva

Simchas Beis Hashoeva- Sukkot 2019

Brought a magical feeling to Leeds despite the cold.We gathered for inspiration from Rabbi SB Glickman and lively dancing in BHH complete with a delicious meal all the way from Manchester by JS on wheels.


Gateshead trip

The elusive world of Yeshiva was opened and explored giving a special group of young boys an experience that left them yearning to learn more.

Ladies Shiurim

Ladies Shiurim

Many of the women in the Kollel have enjoyed learning one-on-one with women from the community. There have been several collaborative talks and discussions for women complete with refreshments, as well as a fortnightly talk. This has taken a temporary break during the pandemic but is soon to resume.


Shabbat Leeds 2016

A special Shabbos organised by the Kollel, uniting the entire community. Two communal Friday night dinners, in Brodetsky and Etz Chaim along with a guest speaker. The memories of the Traveling Chasidim with their furry shtreimels in Leeds still bring an occasional smile.


Pre Shavuos programme

With cheese cake, quiche, and decor to match Mt Sinai itself! One-on-one learning, women’s talk and coming together to hear Rabbi Andrew Shawe. An unforgettable way to enter ‘The time of the giving of our Torah’.


Sukkah competition

Jewish men are not known for their DIY skills but year after year the global challenge is taken on – build a Sukkah and make it beautiful! The Leeds Kollel recognised that this is by no means a small feat, and show-cased the amazing Succah creations in Leeds in a fierce competition!

Rosh Hashana

Rosh Hashana inspiration 2019

A scrumptious supper was followed by a group learning session, and then a rousing talk by Rabbi Angel. Thank you Ivan Green for hosting this event.

Tisha B’Av

Tisha B’Av Kids’ event

The saddest day in the Jewish calendar and so often ignored was transformed into a meaningful day.There was education the entire family through a children’s event- slipper decorating; edible ‘Western Walls’ and a live ‘Roman performance.

Lag Ba’omer

Lag Ba’omer

Family barbeque with our extended Leeds family. Hosted by our dear friends Dan and Nicky Smith.

Challah bake

Challah bake

The Kollel has been an integral part of Shabbat UK activities. tHe Kollel wives loved leading several challah bakes combining flour, fun and inspiration!



Boys Sunday morning Davening, Breakfast, Learning, Activity, the highlight of the week for a group of teenagers.

Sharing the richness of Jewish life, learning and values.

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