The Alumni

The Leeds Kollel are very proud of our alumni each of whom have left a lasting impact, not only on the Kollel but on the community as a whole.

Rabbi Shimon Boruch and Elisheva Glickman

The Glickmans joined the Kollel at its start in May 2014 and were with the Kollel until August 2017. Rabbi Glickman hails from Gateshead. He learnt in Yeshivas Mir in Jerusalem and in the Jerusalem Kollel under R’Yitzchok Berkowitz. Together with his wife Elisheva (nee Beigal) they moved to Munich Germany in 2012 where he served as associate Rabbi and built up the Rabbinat’s digital presence. Upon arrival in Leeds, Rabbi Glickman served as director of communal activities in the Leeds Kollel. He created many of the strong bonds between the community and the Kollel which are still flourishing today. Together with his family he hosted many Shabbat meals, led Shul services, delivered masterly shiurim and planned and led many Kollel events. Rabbi Glickman also taught Jewish Studies in the Leeds Jewish Free School. He is currently the head teacher of TorasEmes in Manchester.

Rabbi Shimon and Esther Buckman

The Buckmans were part of the Leeds Kollel from its start until September 2020. Rabbi Buckman is originally from London. He learnt in YeshivosOhr Sameach and Mir in Jerusalem. Joining the Leeds Kollel was a natural return home for the Buckmans as Esther (nee Morris) grew up in Leeds. They were instrumental in forming long lasting relationships with countless members of the community, many of whom Esther had known since childhood. Rabbi Buckman was involved in every aspect of Kollel life from learning on a one-to-one basis with many individuals, giving shiurim and leading events such as the TikunLeilShavuos programme; Esther likewise led and co-led events, learnt with individuals and gave shiurim. The relationships they have built have had a long-lasting impact on the Kollel and community alike. Rabbi Buckman is currently a maggid shiur in the Hasmonean’s BeisMedrash programme as well as teaching in Hasmonean boys’ school. They now live in Edgeware.

Rabbi Aaron and Bella Schauder

The Schauders were part of the Leeds Kollel from April 2017 until April 2018. Rabbi Schauder, originally from Manchester learnt in Yeshiva Ketana and Yeshivas OhrHatalmud in Gateshead before attending Yeshivas Mir in Jerusalem. After his marriage to Bella (nee Gordon) he continued to learn in the Mir, followed by Rabbi Kallis’ Halacha Kollel. Together with Bella they studied in the NerL’Elef Outreach Training Programme until their move to Leeds. Whilst in Leeds Rabbi Schauder was involved in programmes for teenage boys and in learning on a one-to-one basis with community members and had a great impact on all who he befriended. Bella’s skill at dressmaking and the stunning gowns she created truly displayed the value of beautiful but modest clothing, and she formed long lasting friendships with community members. They were involved in many Kollel programmes and events. They now live in Edgeware in London where Rabbi Schauder works in a chartered surveying firm. Together with their adorable daughters they continue to share their passion for Judaism with those around them. .